Media guide

A versatile and comprehensive media guide will direct you through the renovated and sensitively designed rooms of the Humberg House. The interactive tour guide enables you to make independent, individual enquiries about the rooms.

At the same time, the operation is quite intuitive. Select the floor and the room in the start menu by touching the screen. On the ground floor, you can choose between a number of audio plays with information about the function of the room, the biographies of the individual family members and explanations of Jewish culture. The media sequences on the first floor are devoted to the history of the house and of the Humberg family after 1933.

The media guide to the Humberg House, Dingden offers an extensive database containing a large number of images, interviews with those involved in the projects and film clips. Thanks to the contribution of various key players, contemporary witnesses, members of the Historical Society, renowned experts and the descendants of the Humberg family, a multi-layered, complex insight into the everyday lives of Jewish families is presented for you.